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Composite Solutions manufactures high strength, lightweight composite structures and components for commercial and military aircraft, helicopters and business jets. We have extensive experience with commercial aerospace and defense contracts including Bell Helicopter, HondaJet, Raisbeck Engineering, Collins Aerospace, Boeing, MD Helicopter, and

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Industrial autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. The manufacture of high-performance components from advanced composites often requires autoclave processing. Industrial autoclaves used in the aerospace industry. The autoclave on left is gas-fired; the

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(2020). Two-dimensional reinforcement of epoxy composites: alignment of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in two directions. Advanced Composite Materials. Ahead of Print.

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Cascade Composites, LLC (Serving Washington) Custom Manufacturer - Custom manufacturer of composite structures for aerospace, automotive, industrial, marine, medical and recreational applications. Custom composite structures include fiber glass, carbon fiber and aluminum bonded structures.

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Composite autoclaves can be manufactured to process parts at curing pressures as high as 3,000 psi and operating temperatures close to 1500°F. Our composite bonding autoclaves are suitable for processing parts used in medical and pharmaceutical industries. The key component of Melco Steel autoclaves is the custom-built, breech lock Harris

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Manufacturing quality, custom composites for over 30 years. Autoclave, Oven, Press Curing ∙ Advanced Production & Fabrication ∙ In-House Tooling. Bringing projects to life with a comprehensive range of services. A start to finish solution for customized project development. Bringing projects to life with a comprehensive range of services.

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Carbon nanotube film produces aerospace-grade composites with no need for huge ovens or autoclaves 13 January 2020, by Jennifer Chu MIT postdoc Jeonyoo Lee.

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CompuDAS have designed, innovated, built, installed and supported Autoclave Control Systems for Process Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition for autoclaves all over the globe for over 50 years. July 22, 2015. Aerospace • Autoclave Control Systems • Automotive • Composites • Engineering

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COMPOSITE CURING SYSTEMS. Thermal curing is a critical step in manufacturing quality composite materials. Traditionally, most composite parts required autoclaves for proper curing. Today, low cost out-of-autoclave curing of aerospace-grade composite parts is possible using a vacuum bagging system with a walk-in batch oven.

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While in the 1970's and 1980's, composites were adopted for aerospace structure for increased performance and weight savings, the 1990's and 2000's witnessed the attention towards cost-effective fabrication.

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Composites Horizons (CHI), is a leading supplier of advanced aerospace composites. For over 40 years, the company has specialized in difficult to manufacture, performance critical components and utilizes the latest technologies to engineer lightweight aerospace composites, composite aircraft structures and assemblies that provide exceptional strength and high temperature performance.

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117 Carbon Fiber Composite jobs available on Apply to Composite Technician, Operator, Manufacturing Engineer and more!

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In advanced composites autoclave processes are by far the most widely used and autoclave moulding is the process of choice for the aerospace industry. These processes use pre-impregnated uni-directional plies or woven cloths, which have been partially cured or beta-staged.

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That isn't possible with autoclave curing,' he added. The other production revolution set to hit aerospace is additive manufacturing, but tempting though the thought of simply printing an aircraft might be, this isn't going to happen. Instead, Oldfield indicated, we can expect to see two types of additive process in aerospace.

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If you are trying to get a foot hold in today's composites industries and need an affordable autoclave system. You're in the right place. Choose from list below of used composite curing autoclaves or contact our highly experience Sales Team today. Utiliten is the affordable used autoclave solution for your composite bonding requirements.

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Complete Composite Curing System Out-of-autoclave solutions that meet the most demanding aerospace requirements INSPIRED INNOVATION Thermal curing is a critical step in manufacturing quality composite materials. Traditionally, most composite parts required autoclaves for proper curing. Today, low cost out-of-autoclave curing of aerospace-grade

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Be THE leader in Europe in the industry of advanced composite materials for the automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors. Design and produce components and/or systems with high structural or aesthetic features, using advanced composite materials, innovative for new high-technical performance applications.

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The typical materials cured in autoclaves are composites. glass, cement, rubber, and metal bonding. Industries this applies to are aerospace, automotive, building materials, and electronics. Another application is sterilization of many things, mostly waste (industrial and medical) for safe disposal, and medical instruments that are re-used.

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Aerospace industry is one of ZG customer bases. We have been supporting the aerospace composites industry with equipments for more than 60 years. Composites have been used by aircraft manufacturers for decades, first in military applications (B2 bomber, F18, F117 fighter, etc.) and now with most commercial aircraft.

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With autoclave capacity to cure parts up to 40 feet (12.2m) in length, ACTI is comfortably equipped to fabricate larger composite structures such as spars, stringers, panels, flight control surfaces, and wing-to-body, fuselage and other large fairings, as well as smaller composite details.

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On the other hand, in industrial settings like aerospace industry, industrial autoclaves are used to cure the composite parts of aircrafts. The quick opening door allows for easy access to the vessel which makes it easy to move product in and out.

A new approach to making airplane parts, minus the massive

A new approach to making airplane parts, minus the massive infrastructure Carbon nanotube film produces aerospace-grade composites with no need for huge ovens or autoclaves.

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Autoclave moulding is typically used in the aerospace industry for the production of high value composites from prepregs. The laminate, which is covered on both sides by a fine polyester cloth peel-ply (for enhancing surface effect) is built up on the mould surface.

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Spirit is pioneering out-of-autoclave composite manufacturing processes, using resin-infusion technology including vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding. Spirit's new methods for making out-of-autoclave thermoset and thermoplastic composites led to the development of the next-generation A320 spoiler at our Prestwick, Scotland, site.

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Composite Pre-preg Tooling. Autoclave and OAC (Out-of-Autoclave) tooling pre-preg lamination and processing . Composite VARTM Tooling. The VARTM process in manufacturing tooling is very unique achieving phenomenal results while being comparable to autoclave tooling. This process results in lower-cost masters, no autoclave costs, and eliminates

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Development of composites for aerospace use was both costly and potentially risky, therefore initial development was performed by military who had relatively large development budgets and are not so risk averse as the civil side. On the civil side, composite development was restricted to non-structural applications.

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Polymer composites are increasingly used in aerospace applications due to properties such as strength and durability compared to weight. Edited by two leading authorities in the field, this book summarises key recent research on design, manufacture and performance of composite components for aerospace structures.

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Over 20 years of experience in creating composite structures, Lola Composites evolved to become a trusted and reliable supplier of innovative technical solutions and high achieving performance products. With three aerospace-standard clean rooms, a large manufacturing centre and three autoclaves, two of which are 7.5 metre capacity units.

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The resulting composite lacked voids, similar to aerospace-grade composites that are produced in an autoclave. The researchers subjected the composites to strength tests, attempting to push the layers apart, the idea being that voids, if present, would allow the layers to separate more easily.

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Betting on technology that does not require an autoclave is a gamble also for composite suppliers like U.S.-based Hexcel , Solvay of Belgium and Toray of Japan, whose share of aerospace

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AIC Group has been awarded a multi-million pound contract by UTC Aerospace Systems to custom-build an 18 foot diameter autoclave with state-of-the-art control systems. According to AIC, the autoclave is the first of its size in the UK and will enable UTC Aerospace Systems' Prestwick, UK, facility to maintain, repair and overhaul larger


The high pressure inside the autoclave is used to compress the individual laminate layers. Generally, the component is simultaneously evacuated in order to completely remove excessive air from the fiber composite. EURO-COMPOSITES® currently has two autoclaves in operation: ø 2000 x 6000 mm (6 bar) respectively ø 3000 x 8000 mm (8 bar), with

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Turnkey system integrator for custom and non-custom aerospace Autoclave equipment. Available in diameters from 2 to 30 ft. with up to 100,000 lb. floor loading interior space. TEC manufacturers Autoclaves from 50 to 1000 psi pressure at 100 to 900 degrees operating temperature. Features include fully engineered, turn-key installations.

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4. AUTOCLAVE/DEMOULD. The autoclave cures the composite material at a pressure typically up to 7 bars and 180°C. Autoclaving is used to ensure high quality and level of repeatability of the production. In Demould, the composite component is taken off the mold and prepared for next operation. 5. BONDING. Parts can be integrated into assemblies.


PATTERSON Autoclaves can be built from 36" diameter up to 144" diameter, in lengths from 72" to 80'0" and up to 100 tons. Applications: PATTERSON Autoclaves are primarily in the Wood, Concrete, Tire Retreading, Composites Curing, Heat Treatment of Metals and Plastics & Rubber Industries. More specifically they are used in retreading of truck

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Wexford College Press, 2006. A short introduction to developing autoclaves of all shapes and sizes. Articles. Inside the aerospace factory of the future by Jon Excell. The Engineer, June 17, 2014. Autoclaves loom large in plane manufacturing, but might not do so for much longer.

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We have over 35 years of experience manufacturing and assembling high-quality composites components and aerostructures. Whether is a build-to-print or design-build solution, we have a deep knowledge of the full spectrum of materials, the latest technology and an extensive collection of industry certifications.

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GMT Composites, since its founding in 1984, has stood at the forefront of carbon fiber composite innovation and new applications development. Originally focused on marine use, GMT developed a strong reputation building carbon fiber rudders, and is probably best known for carbon fiber masts and spars for sailboats.

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One of the major challenges in 3D composites for advanced applications is the verification of the manufacturing quality for 3D textile preforms which have large influence on the mechanical properties of the final composite product. This section provides a description of possible defects in textile preforms. The most common defects that appear in textile composites structure