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Cast iron is basically steel with a high level of carbon impurities and carbon doesn't translate into longer boiler life.; Cast iron is a brittle material which can fracture under temperature shock. It's well known that it is common for today's cast iron boilers to have cracked sections, cracked burner doors, leaking gaskets, and leaking tankless coil flange.

Burnham Boilers: Problems Need To Be Fixed Immediately

Burnham boilers are a great option if you are installing a boiler system in your home. However, just like any other product, Burnham boilers have problems that may arise from time to time. Because Burnham boilers are available for many different types of fuels, it is important to understand what problems may arise for your []

Difference between Fire Tube Boiler and Water Tube Boiler

The main difference between fire tube and water tube is that in fire tube boiler the flue gases flow in the tubes and water flows from the shell and in water tube boiler, water flows from the tubes and the flue gases from the shell or passes over the tubes. This is the key difference between these boilers.

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A common sight in a hydronic boiler room is water dripping from the discharge pipe of the boiler relief valve. While it may appear to be inconsequential, it could cause extensive damage to the heating system. Some boiler rooms have a bucket under the relief valve discharge pipe to mask the problem. The following are some suggestions if you would like to resolve the problem.

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Access the Boiler Tube Failure Handbook. How to Use the Handbook The visual appearance of a failed boiler or HRSG tube provides valuable information regarding the mechanism of failure. Determining the failure mechanism is the first step of the failure reduction/elimination process. The process includes the following steps: Determine Failure Mechanism Find Root Cause of Read more »

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Exhaust Gas Boilers And Economisers working procedure The use of exhaust gases from diesel engine: The use of exhaust gases from diesel main propulsion engines to generate steam is a means of heat energy recovery and improved plant efficiency. An exhaust gas heat exchanger is shown in Figure above.

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Wilson's Series 114 are equipped with four expanding rolls and two flaring rolls that are overlapped to prevent ridging, these tools can expand and flare in one operation. They are ideal for water tube boilers, fire tube boilers, economizers, and air heaters.

Causes for Flame Failure in a Boiler and Operator Action

Maintaining a good flame in a boiler is the key to a good boiler performance. Unstable flame is always a threat for boiler furnace explosion, which can lead to a large outage of boiler and loss. There are many causes that can contribute to boiler flame failure. Hence it has become a practice of all boiler designers to interlock purging the boiler with boiler start-up.

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On some water tube boiler designs as well, the tubes are still rolled into the drums and headers. The reason for this is the fact that to weld a tube into a tubesheet or wall of a boiler drum, a complete joint penetration (CJP) weld would be required. This would mean bevelling each tube hole so only a small land of steel at the original

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A water tube boiler is such kind of boiler where the water is heated inside tubes and the hot gasses surround them. This is the basic definition of water tube boiler. Actually this boiler is just opposite of fire tube boiler where hot gasses are passed through tubes which are surrounded by water.. Advantages of Water Tube Boiler. There are many advantages of water tube boiler due to which

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Cleaver brooks boiler troubleshooting Breakdowns can be caused by a lot of things: from leaks to faulty mail parts. Examine your boiler every day and pay attention to any changes - unusual noises, instrument readings, cracks, changes in flame or combustion products.

Summary of Unsafe condition, accident & fire Reports

Summary of Unsafe condition, accident & fire Reports This is a summary of pressure equipment unsafe conditions, accidents and fires that have been reported to and investigated by ABSA. This information is provided to make people aware of the general nature of pressure equipment unsafe conditions, accidents and fires.

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(1) small tube of Loctite or pipe joint compound (pipe dope). Procedure: a) Identify tube(s) to be removed by inspecting leak from inside the combustion chamber (firebox) when the boiler is full of water and under pressure and the burner is locked out. b) Isolate boiler from system and drain the boiler. c) Remove head-plates.

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Noble Fire Tube Boiler: Epic Fire Tube Combi: Epic Fire Tube Boiler: Solution Heating Boiler: Squire Stainless Steel Buffer Tank: Hydronic Buffer Tanks: Storage Tanks: Patented Lock-Temp Storage Tanks, 80 - 2500 Gallon in Standard or ASME Construction and glass lined or stainless steel.

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Supplier of Pumps, Boilers, Water Heaters, Hydronic & Steam Specilties and Related Products Serving Your HVAC Hydronic Needs throughout Florida, South Georgia and the Caribbean GAI is a manufacturer's representative for twenty premier producers of engineered products and specialties serving Florida and South Georgia for pumping systems, parts and supplies for boiler systems.

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Lancashire and Cornish fire tube boiler. These steam boilers consist of many types and classifications.One is the Scotch Marine boiler, which consist of a cylindrical shell which length is lass as compare to its diameter having one or two combustion chambers and large no of fire tubes.

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I have a fire tube boiler with one tube leaking. Boiler inspector noticed.The boilers are over 30 yrs old and are going to be replaced next year.I have a concern with plugging. If water enters the tube and the leak seals, the water could steam in that tube. Steam pressure could cause major failure. It is hot water and not steam. Typically the water is 180 deg.

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Our boiler tube cleaners include advanced features to make cleaning boiler tubes faster and easier than ever before. Just a small amount of scale and soot in tubes can drastically reduce boiler efficiency, and Goodway fire tube and water tube boiler cleaner system can help regain efficiency and save on fuel costs quickly.

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BOILER TUBE LEAKAGE. ANALYSIS,SYMPTOMS,CAUSES. SHIVAJI CHOUDHURY Cause of boiler tube leakages 1.Caustic Attack 2.Oxygen Pitting 3.Hydrogen Damage 4.Acid Attack 5.Stress Corrosion Cracking 6.Waterside Corrosion Fatigue 7.Superheater Fireside Ash Corrosion 8.High-temperature Oxidation 9.Waterwall Fireside Corrosion 10.Fireside Corrosion Fatigue 11.Short-term Overheat 12.Long-term Overheat 13

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Totally reinventing fire tube technology from the ground up. Patented stainless steel heat exchanger —eliminates high stress point welds. Advanced user interface and controls with intuitive text display, simplifies boiler setup. Built-in hardware to connect a boiler system pump, 3 zone pumps or 3 zone valves.

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Boiler Tube Leakage is major cause of outage of units and generation loss in thermal power plant. Detection of boiler tube leakage is very important factor for power plant functioning. Power plant engineers must remain vigilant about boiler tube leaks so that secondary damage to pressure parts such as water wall, super heater tubes and furnace refractory may be avoided due to impact of leaking

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4 Reasons for Water Leakage Around a Boiler Written Loose joints can often cause a leak around the boiler during hot and cold contraction and expansion, so you should check all the fittings of the boiler and all the pipes and tubes which go into and out of the boiler. While you are checking this, look at the blowdown valve and ensure this

Finding the Root Cause of Boiler Tube Failures

Symptoms: Aggressive localized boiler tube corrosion and loss of tube wall.Pits can act as stress-concentration sites which can be initiation points for stress-related corrosion mechanisms. Causes: Oxygen pitting occurs with the presence of excessive oxygen in boiler water.It can occur during operation as a result of in-leakage of air at pumps, or failure in operation of preboiler water

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When tube leak in boiler pressure parts then When it is major leak following occurs 1. Fluctuations in furnace pressure. 2. Make up of feed water increase for same load. 3. Smoke from the chimney is white. 4. ID fan current increases. 5. In local

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Zhongding Boiler adopts the national patent technology, optimizes the design of oil gas boiler, to achieve a more reasonable combustion chamber and heating area, the high thermal efficiency increase more than 10% compare with the ordinary boiler Compare with water tube boiler, this series fire tube boiler has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, strong load adaptability

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Shell boilers may be defined as those boilers in which the heat transfer surfaces are all contained within a steel shell. Shell boilers may also be referred to as 'fire tube' or 'smoke tube' boilers because the products of combustion pass through the boiler tubes, which in turn transfer heat to the surrounding boiler water.

Why is my central heating boiler leaking

If you have a your central heating boiler leaking, you can either call an emergency plumber that is gas safe registered or one that you already know, you can also search around trying to find a gas safe engineer or you can call us on 07720 247 247 and we will arrange for an engineer to visit you in a plumbing emergency to your convenience.

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An example is this boiler stop leak from Hercules - available at any heating or plumbing supplier as well as at some building supply stores. Product description: Powdered stop-leak quickly finds and seals trouble spots on cracked steam or hot water heating boilers. Forms a tough seal that expands and contracts with boiler metal.

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The only reason a boiler can withstand these furnace temperatures is the presence of water in all tubes of the furnace at all times when a fire is present. In a very short period of time, continued firing during a low water condition literally melts steel boiler tubes (Fig. 2).

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This white hot fire spread throughout the boiler melting and burning most of the tubes, and also initiated soot fire in the air heater. Water wall and screen tube headers were subsequently found to be blocked solid with plugs of steel which had formed when the molten boiler tubes and run back into their holes.

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The Combi Boiler features a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger for higher efficiency and a ceramic fiber burner for high combustion and low NOx emissions. The Combi offers several safety features including a dual stage anti-freezing mechanism and a gas leak detector that turns off the unit and turns on an alarm in the case of a leak.


NEVER light a fire under a boiler without a double check on the water level. Many boilers left lying around inside the boiler that could cause problems. Ø Tubes and other areas that are not easily visible should be checked suction of air will pull the flame into the leak. k. Water And Steam Systems

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The gas leak can increase the risk of fire explosion. If there is a leak in the house, an electric spark is enough to kindle the flame. Often referred as "silent killer," the carbon monoxide poisoning kills about 50 people each year. Thus, educating everyone in the household is essential. How to recognise a gas leak?


Cracking in fire-tube boilers at welded joints is a frequent, costly and potentially dangerous occurrence. The shortest recorded time for serious cracking to leak is 3 years, representing less than 20,000 cycles, and occurred on a laundry boiler subjected to frequent and rapid firing.

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Please help, Sears is screwing me around for 24 hours and I don't know what to do. There is a red rubber tube running from the "transformer??" into the ground, which I assume runs to the above ground oil tank in our home. There is a leak about 4'x3' and when I dipped a white piece of paper it dripped an orange/red/rusty color. I'm freaked out with no husband available til midnight.

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A boiler explosion is a catastrophic failure of a boiler.As seen today, [when?] boiler explosions are of two kinds. One kind is a failure of the pressure parts of the steam and water sides. There can be many different causes, such as failure of the safety valve, corrosion of critical parts of the boiler, or low water level. Corrosion along the edges of lap joints was a common cause of early

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PLUGGING A LEAKING BOILER TUBE. Emergency Boiler Repair - Water Side Removing Boiler Tubes Fire-tube boilers sometimes have water-tubes as well, to increase the heating surface. A Cornish boiler may . The tube plates, the fusible plug and the heads of the firebox stays should be checked for leaks. We need know the details of how to

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Get Air-Driven Fire Tube Boiler Cleaner (FT Series) features & specs, and request a quote. Shop our complete selection of boiler and heat exchanger tube cleaning brushes and equipment. Call +1 (718) 729-3360 for expert help.

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Our two-pass, three-pass or four-pass Scotch Marine(Fire Tube) boilers are available in dryback, wetback, steam or hot water versions; from 15 to 800 hp with pressures to 300 psig. Hurst Scotch Marine boilers are rated to 81% minimum efficiency.